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Yasin Shareef contains 83 verses and 807 words; Surah Yaseen includes 3028 letters and 5 Ruku.

With amazing holiness and respect, Muslim youth all across the world recite, memorize, and read Surah Yaseen.
Reading Surah Yaseen has several advantages that our beloved Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) outlined in His many sayings.

The heart of the Quran is Yasin, and I would like all believers in my community to have it in their hearts, said the beloved Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). (Tafsir al-Sabuni, volume: 2)

Name Surah Yaseen
Number in Order 36th Surah of the Quran
Revealed Before Surah Al-Furqan
Revealed After Surah Al-Jinn
Number of Verses 83
Number of Words 807
Number of Letters 3028
Number of Rukus 5
Meaning of Name “Yaseen” refers to the first two Arabic letters of the Surah, ‘Ya’ and ‘seen’
Significance Affirms the prophethood of Muhammad (PBUH) and emphasizes accountability in the afterlife based on one’s deeds
Themes Discusses fundamental aspects of Islam such as Tawheed, Revelation, and the Day of Resurrection
Challenge Poses a challenge to replicate the Quran’s eloquence, highlighting its unique nature
Lessons Imparts valuable lessons on faith, accountability, and the Day of Judgment
Prophet’s Endorsement “Surely everything has a heart, and the heart of the Quran is Yasin, and I would like it to be in the hearts of all believers in my community.” (Tafsir -al- Sabuni, volume: 2)

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